Review: Oregon Cafe Mocha Latte Concentrate

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 Oregon Cafe Mocha Latte Concentrate

The Morning BrewCast gals were happy to try out the newest product from Oregon Cafe. Sent to Jennifer as a Klout Perk, she was more than happy to share the love with Jackie. Especially since Jennifer didn’t have the required milk in order to give this a try. We do hope Oregon Cafe comes out with a BOLD version. We think a strong coffee taste is exactly what these coffee gals would enjoy.                                                            

Blue Bottle Coffee Review

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The Morning BrewCast Gals try out the latest West Coast coffee sensation: Blue Bottle.

Jackie shares a recent post about how Dunkin Donuts is spraying South Korean city buses with coffee smell in advance of a bus stops that have Dunkin Donuts shops. We ponder the intrusive nature of Coffee SmellRadio.

Jennifer once again asks for a Coffee Butler service.

Coffee Summer Show 2012

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The Coffee Gals chat were inspired to record a show after seeing a post about optimal caffeine consumption by ScienceBlogs.

Jennifer and Jackie also chat about the search for a coffee cuff and Jackie shares the benefits to being a member of the Starbucks My Rewards Program.

We are now in our 7th year of the Morning BrewCast and appreciate your continued listenership.


Coffee at SXSW 2012

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 The Coffee Gals were in Austin, TX for Geek Spring Break…er…um….we mean South By Southwest aka SXSW or even Southby for the hipsters. As usual we were all about the coffee and decided to share our thoughts about the coffee or the lack thereof. Grab your cup of brew and join the fun!

Coffee Gadgets And A Toast To Steve Jobs

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The Coffee Gals chat about coffee emergency gadgets, pay tribute to Steve Jobs and declare October National Coffee Month.

Summer 2011 Coffee Show

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Coffee Makes Our Hearts Smile

We know it’s been a while. You all have been very patient and we appreciate that. We especially love hearing from you all to let us know you’ve missed us. Well here it is. A new show from the Coffee Gals of the Morning BrewCast!

This episode we share a Good Samaritan story, give our thoughts on the new Starbucks app, learn about how a recent University of Washington study indciates that coffee may help in the battle against skin cancer, pat Brazil on the back for being the largest coffee producing country in the world and offer up some fun personal stories with a request for some of your favorite coffee gadgets.

image by Anna Cervova

Coffee On The Go

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espresso and latteA few audio bits from us via Cinch. We haven’t disappeared, we’ve just been using a fast mobile version to capture our audio content. Thanks for sticking with us my friends. Cheers!

Coffee and Books with Special Guest JC Hutchins

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7th Son This Friday at 2pm (CST) special guest JC Hutchins join us on the show. It’s been over 2 years since JC has been with us and we are excited to have him back to talk about his new book release, 7th Son, and coffee of course!

We’ll get a chance to catch up on the book news and discover what kind of coffee fueled this project. We guarantee you’ve never heard JC talk about his book this way before! This will be a live show and you are welcome to call in and join the fun.

More Bantai Civet Coffee

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We finally tracked down our Bantai Civet Coffee contest winner, Michael Madison. Luckily we were also able to convince Dustin Butler, owner of Bantai Civet Coffee to join us for another tasting. Yeah, we know it’s self serving since we will also get to drink some of this $320/lb coffee. However this time we’re ready for the big buzz. Going plaid is a forgone conclusion. Join us for some coffee fun!

A special thanks to Janie at the San Antonio Coffee Roasters aka What’s Brewing for allowing us to record in their roasting facility. The smell of the coffee is always amazing!

MBC Video: Jackie Makes A McDonald’s McCafe Mocha

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The Coffee Gals were lucky enough to go behind the counter at the Alamo Heights McDonald’s recently. Jackie was the brave soul who went through the process of making a hot McCafe Mocha. Enjoy!