Coffee and Books with Special Guest JC Hutchins

Posted by caffeinatedgirl | Posted in Coffee Chat | Posted on 28-10-2009

7th Son This Friday at 2pm (CST) special guest JC Hutchins join us on the show. It’s been over 2 years since JC has been with us and we are excited to have him back to talk about his new book release, 7th Son, and coffee of course!

We’ll get a chance to catch up on the book news and discover what kind of coffee fueled this project. We guarantee you’ve never heard JC talk about his book this way before! This will be a live show and you are welcome to call in and join the fun.

MBC 58: We Pick A Winner!

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Today we draw the winner that will join us for a coffee tasting at What’s Brewing. This lucky Morning BrewCast listener will discover what $320/lb coffee tastes like as we sample Bantai Civet Coffee. A special hat tip to Susan Price of Firecat Studio who picked the winner, Michael Madison.

Want to be a part of the coffee tasting? Then check out the live video stream on of the coffee tasting. Join us for some high dollar coffee fun!

MBC #53 The Coffee Gals Are Back!

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-Jennifer & Jackie are back on track with a new Morning BrewCast.
-The Coffee Gals recap some of the happenings from the last few months.
-Jackie makes a move
-Jennifer shares some of the strange things that happen when home searching.
-We’ve picked up a new musical hobby.
-We recount the coffee stories of our recent travels.
-Our coffee reputation proceeds us and we’re not sure that’s a good thing.
-Mom & Gary rode from Houston to Sturgiss for the big bike rally
-We also spent some time with our brother, Raymond.
-We share some no-coffee flight stories which may get Jackie into trouble.
-Thanks so much for sending us show suggestions
-We share an article sent to us by Charles Cadenhead of Mostly News & Desperate Husbands
-Jackie is looking for a homemade whiff of coffee device.

Thank you so much for encouraging us to get on with the podcasting fun.

Jennifer & Jackie

MBC theme song mix by Ceejay of Opinionated Ramblings of “Not a Fan of the Bean” by The Clintons Band