Summer 2011 Coffee Show

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Coffee Makes Our Hearts Smile

We know it’s been a while. You all have been very patient and we appreciate that. We especially love hearing from you all to let us know you’ve missed us. Well here it is. A new show from the Coffee Gals of the Morning BrewCast!

This episode we share a Good Samaritan story, give our thoughts on the new Starbucks app, learn about how a recent University of Washington study indciates that coffee may help in the battle against skin cancer, pat Brazil on the back for being the largest coffee producing country in the world and offer up some fun personal stories with a request for some of your favorite coffee gadgets.

image by Anna Cervova

Discovering Starbucks Soluble Coffee at SXSW

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I did it! I found some of the Starbucks Water Soluble Coffee while in the Bloggers Lounge at South By Southwest. Look for a review show with the Coffee Gals coming soon. Here’s a pic for your viewing pleasure.

MBC #55 Sunday Morning Coffee

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Sunday Morning Coffee
Jackie and Jennifer were having a delicious cup of brew and chatting on a nice Sunday morning. So the desire to record hit. Thanks to the ease of BlogTalkRadio we were able to put a show out.

• A good friend of the show, Michael De Leon, sent us a link to the site, “Death by Caffeine”. We discover just how much caffeine it would take to kill Jennifer.
• Starbucks has created their own unique “soluble” version of instant coffee which will come out on March 3rd.
• We really like the Crop to Cup concept of creating a closer and more intimate connection between the farmer growing the beans and the coffee in our cups.

Morning BrewCast theme music “Fan of the Bean” by the Clinton’s Band mixed by Ceejay of Opinionated Ramblings

Morning BrewCast #54 – The LIVE Show!

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In today’s show we hear from Jennifer and Jackie as they join the “Live Show” circuit.

This morning we’re drinking a Kona Blend from a good friend who happened to vacation in Hawaii. We also discuss some of the recent brew given to us by @pandaran aka Luis Sandoval

Is the recession affecting your coffee? According to recent reports companies like Starbucks are feeling the pinch.

We discovered that coffee shops in the Netherlands are a whole different kind of place. Who knew?

Our Did You Know comes to us from our most trusted and reliable source, Mom.

Coffee Gadget: Coffee Cuff is as beautiful to wear as it is useful.

We also share some of our recent news:
•Jennifer didn’t just complete the 13.1 miles of the San Antonio Rock-n-Roll Marathon, she Tweeted, Uttered and Facebooked her way through it, too.

•Jackie was in Las Vegas recently and shares her Elvis experience.



MBC 51: Confessions and Starbucks in the News

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-The Coffee Gals are in San Antonio recording in their new Sound Booth
-To find out more about the evolution of the sound booth you can check out Jennifer’s blog Here are the before and after pics

-Jennifer has a confession

-Starbucks is closing for 3 hours on February 26, 2008

-Take this “Brown Out” time to discover your local coffee shop. Don’t know who/where they are? Simply go to DeLocator to find them.

-Jennifer and Jackie are planning a Special Report for the “Brown Out”. Want us to come visit with you? Simply give us a call at 210.880.GALS or drop us a line at

-McDonalds is taking on Starbucks with their own version of premium coffee. Here is a video clip from CNBC’s Dennis Kneale

Deutsch Apple in Blanco, Texas
-Jennifer found a hidden gem in Blanco, TX that has the most amazing baked goods: Deutsch Apple. If you’re driving around the Texas Hill Country make this one of your stops. Map

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MBC #48 Audio Comments, Starbucks Recall and Thigh Slimming Coffee Cream

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Morning BrewCast We hear from Charles Cadenhead of Mostly News and Desperate Husbands. Charles has some coffee bean roaster questions, offers us a helpful tech tip in regards to our new Grand Central Number 210.880.GALS (4257) and gives us a detailed explanation about the difference between basements and root cellars. Thanks so much Charles for your audio comments. Be sure and check out his shows. We find them both informative and entertaining!

Jackie has some news about a coffee cup recall from Starbucks.

There is also a report out that puts the Coffee Gals in a group of older affluent consumers. Does this mean snooty times ahead?

A Twitter friend of Jennifer’s, “Dr. Linguist” shared findings of a recent report on the Thigh Slimming properties that Doctor’s in Rio de Jinero have found in coffee.

Other sites mentioned on the show:
What’s Brewing Specialty Coffee Roasters
White Rock Coffee Shop
Dunn Brothers Coffee
It’s a Grind Coffee House

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MBC #47 New Coffee Flavors and Feedback

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Morning BrewCast Logo Album Art
Jennifer and Jackie are in San Antonio for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Jackie’s Did You Know manages to alienate Italy, France & Spain all in on sitting.

Jackie isn’t sure why Jennifer is drinking a new coffee called Mellow’d

Dave Guerra of the IT Guy Podcast shares his conspiracy theory about coffee.

The correct name of the coffee Dave tried was UGLY MUG COFFEE

Kurgan is a fan of the Starbucks Double Shot and shares his favorite coffee recipe which he called his AM Jet Fuel

In the News:
Coffee is expected to generate the same income as oil does for Nicaragua

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**Update: Jennifer forgot to post the link to the coffee art: Just Coffee Art

MBC #46 Being Green with your Coffee & Starbucks Doubleshots

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MBC Art02-We found it! The cool coffee mix by Ceejay Jones of Opinionated Ramblings “Fan of the Bean” by the Clintons Band
-Jackie suggests our next run: The Area 51 Midnight Run.
Blog Action Day-The Environment
-Here’s the link to Jennifer’s blog post
-Here are some tips from for being green with your coffee
-We were introduced to the Starbucks Double Shot by a chatty Target Starbucks employee
-Jennifer educates our listeners on the “Shotgun a Beer” technique
-Send your green coffee tips to morningbrewcast AT gmail DOT com
-Check out our cool new blogsite
-One of Jennifer’s favorite magazines Business 2.0 has been shelved by Time Inc.
Fast Company says Caribou Coffee is Starbucks closest competitor.
-Now it’s Jackie’s turn to go on a rant
-Our K7 account is gone so send your feedback to our new Grand Central #210-880-4257
Here are our WeeMee’s:

Jackie:Jackie's WeeMeeJennifer:Jennifer's WeeMee